LOFOTEN – Day 8 – Torksmannen

Let’s finish off the trip with a good old classic, simple, straight and fun. Torksmannen is another one of those cool peak where you ascent straight under the summit, you have a super cool summit ridge at the top with stunning views above the Ocean and some super fun skiing on the way down, some 20cm of fresh powder in some playful terrain to cheer us up.

We spent our afternoon packing our stuff and drove late to the Evenes airport where we slept on the benches until our early morning flight at 6am —-> back to Tirol !

Lofoten are definitely a must-go destination for any nature lover, hiker, skier, surfer, fisher, there is just something unique about it. As a Skier, I found a place with an incredible potential and after doing mostly classic tours from the book, I want to come back again, without a touring book and explore some more of those stunning Islands.

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